Sustainably & Responsibly Handcrafted Products From Around The Globe

KORISSA provides unique & purposeful handmade goods that are socially and environmentally responsible. Purchasing any of the unique amazing handcrafted products supports and benefits artisans in low-income communities. Fair wages ensure that education, health care, and new possibilities are available to these communities.



Find sustainable ways to refresh your space with eco-friendly woven pots, planters and plant hangers. All our products are ethically handmade with love & care for our planet and people.


If you’re looking to get organized, our woven storage basket collection is a great place to start. Our wide selection of baskets is handmade by using eco-friendly, sustainable materials and forms of production.


Make your kitchen and dining experience more delightful with our kitchen selection. Our collection features tableware, serveware, bowls and trays suitable for everyday use and blends so well with your lifestyle.


There are a million ways to express your gratitude for your loved ones. Check out our Ethical Gift Guide if you are not sure where to start. Inspired by our commitments


You can always be mindful of the environment, even with what you wear. There are many ways to level up your outfit from KORISSA that treat people, the planet, and animals right.


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Meet our artisans

Our Artisans

All of our products are handmade by indigenous women artisans from rural areas in a Fair Trade environment. 

Purchasing any of our unique handcrafted products supports artisans in marginalized and low-income communities.

In addition, fair wages ensure new possibilities for members of these communities, including access to education and health care.


What is our Mission

Our Story

KORISSA is a small women-led business based in New York City. We encourage the modern shopper to purchase consciously by offering environmentally and socially responsible handmade goods.

KORISSA partners with artisan organizations that operate according to fair trade principles. All partner organizations are Fair Trade Certified™ and commit to operating a safe and healthy workplace, promoting environmental sustainability, empowering rural women through handicraft production and small job creation, and paying each artisan a fair living wage.

KORISSA offers handmade goods, crafted with high-quality, locally-sourced materials, directly to you at a reasonable price.



Keep your place neat and tidy

With these eco-friendly, and fair trade baskets. All baskets are ethically handmade with love & care for our planet & people!

Embrace Greenery

Infuse and refresh your space with greenery! Aside from looking pretty, having plants indoors can help brighten your mood!

Greener lifestyle

Never reach for a disposable bag again! They're not great for the planet!