Always be mindful of the environment, even with shipping!

KORISSA is committed to being environmentally conscious and producing less waste by using sustainable and eco-friendly materials, forms of production, and packaging.


Box & Packaging Paper

From our boxes to wrapping materials, KORISSA’s packaging is 100% plastic-free and curbside recyclable.

Our corrugated boxes and kraft paper wrap are completely recycled from post-consumer material. We make a conscious effort to lower our carbon footprint in our packing and delivery process by avoiding over-packing and choosing the smallest possible packages.

We continue to find ways to improve and commit to being environmentally responsible through zero-waste and no-plastic policies.

Recycled & recyclable

Green Packaging

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our packaging materials. Our Tagua necklace products come in eco-friendly packaging from SPI — 100% recyclable packaging made from recycled cardboard.

We are honored to support reforestation with @onetreeplanted as part of our commitment to sustainability. For every Tagua jewelry product sold, KORISSA will plant one tree!


Filler Material

Our animal-shaped Terracotta pots are packed and delivered directly from Bangladesh with recycled shredded paper for protection.

Instead of repacking pots with bubble wrap like many other companies, we reuse the original shredded paper used in shipping from Bangladesh. This material has been proven to prevent damage, scratches, surface abrasion, and minor handling incidents. Instead of throwing materials away, finding creative strategies like this to reuse items can help to reduce waste in the long run.

By making small strides towards sustainability, we can save time, money, and energy involved in the production process and lessen the overall impact on the environment.


Kraft Paper Tape

KORISSA’s choice of packaging tape is Water-Activated Tape (WAT), also known as gummed tape.

This eco-friendly Kraft paper tape uses a high-performing corn starch adhesive technology that is reactivated by water. Interwoven fiberglass threads give it greater strength and durability. Compared to commonly used Pressure Sensitive Tapes (i.e. masking tape, duct tape, Scotch tape), WAT is stronger, more tamper-resistant, and more resistant to peeling. Typically, one strip of paper tape can replace three strips of plastic tape.

We ensure that the mixed paper material is recyclable, as fiberglass is screened out during the recycling process. We partner with Ecoenclose to build a community of sustainable and responsible production.

Compostable & recyclable

Insert Card

At KORISSA, we print our cards using natural soy-based inks and protect them with light soy varnish.

The paper material used in card production is FSC-certified, recycled paper made without virgin pulp or any silicone and plastic coating. Our cards are 100% compostable and recyclable.

We partner with noissue to ensure sustainable card production.


Insert Card & Hangtag

All of our thank you cards and hangtags are printed on handmade paper by Fair Trader artisans in the Barisal district of southern Bangladesh.

These handmade papers are made using silk and water hyacinth, plants that obstruct slow streams in the area. Our business with the artisans supports local communities and creates jobs for Barisal’s disadvantaged and vulnerable areas, helping to alleviate poverty.


Ribbon & Labels

KORISSA designs minimal-waste product packaging using jute strings and fabric ribbons.

Jute strings are 100% biodegradable, recyclable, and environmentally friendly. Fabric ribbons are repurposed to create fabric labels that are cut and sewed onto our products.

Repurposing surplus materials reduces waste while providing an extra touch of sophistication to our products. Our biodegradable leather labels are vegetable-tanned and free of harmful chemicals normally involved during the tanning process, protecting our craftsmen from harm.