Meet Our Artisans

Jute Baskets

The Bono collection is sustainably handmade by women artisans in a rural artisan organization located in the northern part of Bangladesh. The 176 women artisans working at this organization use jute, a strong plant fiber, as the main raw material. Before joining the organization, the women artisans were predominantly housewives whose work went unrecognized, unpaid, and limited to household activities. Some women worked in the nearby rice mills for very low wages, such as Tk. 100 per day (equivalent to 1.16 USD), for long workdays of over 10 hours. Unfortunately for the women, finding work in the area is extremely difficult. However, with the help of the organization, these artisans are able to find financial independence and self-sufficiency. They are able to have greater autonomy by contributing to their family and participating in important decision-making processes. They can also send their kids to school and provide for their basic needs. Most importantly, the artisans are respected for their contributions and dignified with a higher status in their community.