Bathroom Storage Styling Tips

Bathroom space never seems enough no matter how many drawers and shelves you’ve got. There are so many things you need to store, and nobody wants all their essentials cluttered all over the counter, floor or toilet tank. The trick is how to do it in a stylish and attractive way yet still be practical. Below we have curated some of the best ideas and details you can follow to create a fashionable bathroom space.  

Small Baskets For Accessories, Cosmetics And Toiletries

Stranded on the bowl without a roll? It’s an unpleasant moment that everyone once experienced for storing toilet papers somewhere far under the sink in the bag it came in. To avoid this messy habit in your bathroom, use woven baskets. You don’t have to worry about you or your guests being stuck helpless in a toilet by keeping a few rolls in a basket within reach at all times.

Baskets are a perfect addition to a tidy bathroom, especially if your bathroom lacks storage space. Put a small woven basket on the top of the tank or on a shelf. It will look so much better than just plain white rolls of toilet paper cluttered in one corner or all hidden somewhere. If space permits, place a bigger woven storage basket to hold extra rolls of toilet paper.

Medium Baskets For Towels And Entertainments

You can use baskets to carry any other toiletries besides toilet paper. One of the essential items, just like toilet paper, is towels. Having a spot to store clean towels is a must. Roll up your bath towels to make the most of your space in a round or square woven basket. Your baskets can go on the floor or the bottom space of the vanity. For small hand towels, you can put a woven jute bowl over your sink countertop to store them nicely and add an aesthetically pleasing look in your bathroom. If you have extra space, you can even have a basket to simply throw used towels on your way out.  

Let’s not forget about the reading material. We’d like to be entertained while sitting and it’s a good idea to store some magazines or books in the bathroom. Store some interesting toilet reads close at hand in a stylish magazine holder. There are various designs to choose from, but we recommend woven baskets with some shape to hold the weight. Our rustic seagrass and jute baskets with handles are durable yet stylish enough to hide the covers of messy papers to give a clean decor.

Bathroom spaces can be a real headache when you decide to decorate and organize at the same time. Most of the time it can be really challenging to find spaces for everything you need and want to store. But now you know baskets can be the best choice if you want a cozy look and create enough spaces. Check out our fair trade storage basket collection to transform your bathroom space from basic to chic!