5 Sustainable, Handmade & Fair Trade Gift Ideas

You would definitely want to show some appreciation when you are headed to a family’s dinner gathering, friend’s housewarming party, wedding or birthday party. Amazing guests never go empty-handed when invited. Be a little more creative than another flower bouquet, bottles of wine or scented candles with our thoughtful gift ideas that go far beyond the basics.

Here are 5 gift ideas you will actually want to give.

1.Gifts for Bread Lovers

Who doesn’t love freshly baked warm bread? No matter how long they have been baking, and it doesn’t matter what kind of bread they prefer baking, your host will fall in love with our Bread Warmer & Basket. A bread warmer will keep freshly baked bread warm and toasty. Owl and bird pattern terracotta stones are adorable enough to please your host but make it extra special with our personalized stone. You can add a thoughtful touch and express your gratitude by having their initials engraved on the stone. Put the terracotta stone in a preheated oven and once it is heated, the stone will stay warm for about 40 minutes. Stone gets pretty hot when it’s heated, so consider adding a bit of artisan-inspired style to your gift with our Hand Screen Printed Tea Towels printed in two different colors on natural cotton. You can use these tea towels to grab a hot stone or use them as a liner for the bread basket. And go beyond putting simple bread for these bread warmers. Muffins, hot dog buns, hamburger buns, and tortillas are perfect to store as well. Our bread basket itself has been handwoven from sustainably grown seagrass.

Gifts for Bread Lovers


2.Gifts for Plant Lovers

Is your host a nature lover? Gifts for plant lovers don’t always have to be a new plant. They may already have so many plants to take care of. Instead of getting them more plants, gift them some more space! Any plant lover needs more space to properly display their babies. The easy solution is our Hanging Planters. Hanging plants does not take up any extra floor space and raises the plants off the floor. These handmade natural decorative jute hangers are finished with a knotted bottom to act as a base for potted plants or KORISSA baskets. Our plant lover gift collections consist of plenty of accessories that any plant parent is sure to love.

Gifts for Plant Lovers


3.Gifts for Hostesses

Placemats and coaster sets are the best ways to create a welcoming atmosphere on the dining table. Whether you are hosting or getting invited to a meal, having a beautiful tablescape does make a huge difference. Why not give our Natural Coaster Gift Set with Green pouch as a housewarming gift? Don’t worry about meeting the host’s taste or going out of style with the design. Our natural design is neutral enough to go with any decor style: casual family dining, formal occasion dinner or celebration feasts combined with flowers, you name it. Handmade with 100% Jute and seagrass, this assorted coaster gift set will protect the meal table from scratches, watermarks, food stains or heat damage. This gift set is included in a reusable "Hand Screen Printed Drawstring Pouch" handmade by Bangladesh Women Artisans, which makes it an extra sustainable gift for earth lovers.

Gifts for Hostesses

4. Gifts for Organization Lovers

Everybody loves the feeling of having a tidy home and a clean house a gift in and of itself. There is something special about people who are organized. They love to have a place for everything, and everything in its place. It’s their hack. If your host is one of the organization lovers, our Ula Floor Basket will be perfect for their storage project to keep their house stylish and functional. These woven baskets are ideal for living rooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, closets, or anywhere to collect anything. Are there kids in your host’s family? It’s great to use for a toy storage basket to tidy up their kids' room. The use of these nesting floor baskets is endless. Our Jhuri Double Hanging Basket can help utilize vertical space with this amazing two-tier woven basket for holding fruits or other household goods. Our Ula Square Basket can also be an easy solution for stacking books, magazines, blankets or pillows right next to the couch for an elegant look.

Gifts for Organization Lovers

5. Gifts for Self-carers

Everyone deserves a gift of wellness. Shower yourself or your loved ones with love, appreciation and self-care gifts. If you are looking for something more special with skincare products, think outside of the box and treat a day of relaxation with our Hemp Washcloth. It gently exfoliates and deep cleans the entire body leaving a refreshing feeling. Handmade using 100% natural fiber "Hemp", it is naturally antibacterial, antifungal & antistatic and wonderfully fine, tough and surprisingly soft, making your body exfoliating routine. Our hemp washcloths can be used in the kitchen as well, or for general house cleaning and they do not create plastic wastes because they are 100% biodegradable. An Eco-friendly Self Care Gift Set is also available, paired with KORISSA’s handmade cotton pouch and Musee Bath bar soap.  

Gifts for Self-carers