Essential Tips to Keep Your Natural Woven Basket Perfect!

We understand that it’s not easy to say goodbye to every bit of plastic around you. Baskets can be made out of just about anything, and they can be used to hold just about anything. It all depends on where you place your baskets for what purpose. Made from plastic, fabric, or plants, baskets can help you store toys, plants, fruits, bills, books, blankets, laundry, or more. Each material provides unique benefits and outperforms one another in different ways when it comes to organizing. 

What type of basket you choose to buy is ultimately up to you. But try to give your best efforts to spot items that you can make your place a plastic-free home and embrace artisan goods in your space. Definitely avoid buying plastic that is not recycled, rather look for baskets that are sourced locally from where they are made, are made from natural and sustainable materials, and are biodegradable. Consider thoroughly looking into the brand that provides transparent information and in-depth explanation about artisans and how each of their products is made. Natural woven baskets serve the same job as plastic baskets as they come in hundreds of styles, shapes, and sizes, but natural baskets are way better at elevating the decor in your space. 

In order to help you make the most of your natural woven baskets, we have compiled a list of cleaning and care tips below to enjoy your baskets for many years to come.

How to easily reshape natural baskets back to perfection.

  1. You may notice your basket is a bit folded and out of shape when it first arrives. Don’t be afraid to shape it back as it looks like in the images. To its perfect shape.
  2. You can fold back any creases in the opposite direction a few times. Jute baskets are flexible and durable. 
  3. Stuff it up with big towels, blankets, or even the kraft paper we used to pack. Leave it for a day to fix the shape.
  4. Spray with water and let the item sit in the shade until it is completely dry for sturdiness and shape.
  5. There you have your perfect looking natural basket
  6. If you have a fabric steamer, you can use it to firmly shape the basket.

How To Care For Your Natural Woven Basket

Some might say natural handmade baskets may not be easy to clean and hard to take care of. However, these baskets can still be kept clean and in shape for many years with the proper care. 

  • To clean a jute basket, give it a gentle vacuum or take it outside and shake it lightly to remove light dust, dirt, or small particles.
  • Jute or seagrass baskets are vulnerable to molds if they are left damp for a long time. Quickly wipe any spills with a damp cloth and let it dry completely before using.
  • Avoid direct sunlight or damp environment as those conditions can change the color and strength of the material.
  • Do not rub stains or spills from your basket as this may spread the stain and loosen the jute fibers.

With our guide to eco-friendly storage pieces, choose the types of baskets that fit your needs. All of KORISSA’s baskets, bins, and hampers are handmade from natural fibers and recycled materials. The natural tones of these baskets will add warmth and their variety of sizes and shapes will blend so comfortably in any kind of interior you have. Add some artisan flair to your home with our basket collection.