8 Beautiful Indoor Plants Styling Tips



Imagine what a walk in the park can do when you feel down. Humans have a strong connection to nature and greens can do so many wonders you can’t even imagine. Plants not only add more beauty and comfort to your surroundings, but they also contribute to improvements you can’t see.

Plants are known to improve air quality. They absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen while releasing moisture vapor and increasing humidity at the same time. On top of these environmental benefits, plants bring psychological benefits as well. Being around plants is proven to improve your mood, stress, anxiety, concentration and productivity.

Follow our plant décor inspirations that will help you how to decorate your indoor and outdoor garden.


1. Liven up your living space

Your garden does not have to be outdoors. Although indoor plants are not a perfect substitute for an outdoor environment, they can provide similar benefits. There is not a space where indoor plants can’t live. Light and water is all you need. Invite green plants into your home. Layer plants with different heights and shapes to create some fun. Covering the dull planter with our hand woven wicker plant baskets will add a warm and natural atmosphere. Using woven decorative baskets is an easy way to turn simple planters to look pretty. They are suitable for the balcony, garden, and the terrace, as well as for the indoor spaces. The natural material gives each room or garden a special charm and provides comfort and coziness.


2. Repurpose your bookcase, TV stand, and shelves

Reorganize your bookcase, TV stand and shelving areas to open up some space for potted plants. Adding greenery will contrast beautifully and instantly add freshness. Our animal planter terracotta pot is perfect to store succulents, flowers and herbs. Made from natural clay, our artisan handmade terracotta pot will also make your space unique and functional.


3. Grow fresh produce all year round

If you own a spacious kitchen, you can have tall plants and blooming flowers to create a glamorous and fuller looking kitchen. But if you are living in an apartment and your kitchen space is limited, small plants on windowsills or kitchen counters can be enough. Herbs that you commonly use while cooking can be great plants to have in your kitchen. Windowsills are a plus since your plants will receive enough sunlight. Try our woven plant pots to store basil, rosemary, oregano, or any herbs you mostly frequently use. This decorative storage basket comes in three different sizes to fit your needs.

4. Plants for your good night’s sleep

Consider plants as one of the cozy essentials in your bedroom. You can have a healthy environment for your sleep by placing some air-cleaning plants. Experts suggest areca palm, weeping fig, or pothos for air purification and relaxation at the same time. Our hand woven wicker baskets will add to the beautiful display of your plants while your plants eliminate airborne toxins from your bedroom.

5. Light up some corners

If you are not a big fan of indoor jungle, simply placing a tall potted tree can add a sense of wilderness to your home decor. A big fig tree, rubber tree, elephant’s ear or banana tree will instantly bring a statement while bringing a calm to the space. Treat these tall trees not as accessories, but as one of your furniture or art pieces. One of our decorative wire mesh baskets, Ula Mesh Basket - Black, can help you naturally incorporate plants for a balanced interior.

6. Don’t limit yourself to the floor. Look up!

Abundance is important to create botanical theme. Hanging plants is a great way to add vertical interest in greenery at eye height, and they do not take up floor space. Simply use our handmade planters to create beautiful decorations. Our hanging planters are made from natural jute fiber, and finished with a knotted bottom to act as a base for your potted plant or KORISSA baskets. Our hand woven plant baskets are beautifully handmade by fair trade artisans in Bangladesh.

7. Create a plant wall

Wall planters coordinate with any style or taste. Whether your home has rustic, boho, or modern themes, whether you like succulents, flowers or herbs, or if it’s real or faux, hanging planters fill any space with life. Our woven hanging wall baskets can be an excellent choice for your wall. Made of 100% natural seagrass and jute, every knot is handwoven by Fair Trade artisans in Bangladesh. Vines will fit perfectly in the Savar Hanging Planter and they are pretty easy to care for.

8. Pests? No problem

Major drawback of inviting plants indoors is that they attract pests. So having plants like lavender, basil, or mint around other plants to repel insects can be a great idea. Our Amari Loop Bin can be a beautiful piece to store your little pest repellent plants.

There is a space for every plant. Don’t be sad if you’ve got no space. Start looking for some small dens or corners of your tables or shelves to add a little greenery next to you!